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3rd Party Lender for Texas CSO’s
Structured Finance
Texas CAB Consulting
Texas CSO/CAB Consulting
Texas Credit Access Business Pros
Credit Service Organization
Credit Access Business Compliance
Credit Service Organization Experts
Third Party Lender for CSO
Distressed Asset Purchases (any)
Finance title, payday, pawn, online
Finance title, payday, pawn, online
Auto Title Lender
Auto Title Lender
Auto Title Lender
Distressed assets, inc. real estate

Had enough of the CFPB? Ready to sell your auto title lending business? We have a motivated buyer. Contact us here.

Payday Loan Capital, LLC is the ORIGINAL, premier Texas Credit Service Organization and Texas Credit Access Business consultancy firm. We know all the regulators, legislators, lobbyists, and vendors. We know all the big players. We’ve been involved in Texas since the day the CSO model was created.

Simply put, nobody knows the Texas CSO and Texas CAB model like we do.

We have a long history in the alternative consumer finance industry, and as both specialty lender and broker. Whether you are seeking a third party lender for a Texas CSO operation or a Texas CAB; a consultant for these models; structured finance or speciality finance to expand your consumer finance business (whether it be payday loans, installment, title loans, pawn, online lending, sovereign nation model, offshore lending, or choice of law); or whether you have distressed assets to sell (B and C tier multi-family residential real estate, medical injury settlement receivables, BHPH notes, slot machine financing); are seeking an equity or debt investment in a consumer finance product or technology; need a referral; need a purchase or sale of a store brokered, we do it all.

Payday Loan Capital, LLC.

"The Payday Lender's Lender "

We began as a third party lender for Texas CSOs. We then added financing for payday loan and other alternative consumer finance stores to our platform. Today, we have partnered with several private equity firms that provide specialty finance. If you have a proprietary technology or an innovative way of serving the underbanked consumer, we'd like to hear from you. We are making equity and debt investments in this sector and in others. We are not a bank, but we have tremendous amounts of value-add on multiple levels that enhance the benefit you see from a higher cost of capital.

The ORIGINAL Texas CSO/CAB Consultant