Payday Loan Facts
If you’ve come to this website, then you already know what a payday loan is.  You also know that a lot of people think they are “predatory”, that they “prey on the poor”, and “trap people in a cycle of debt”.
If you examine the issue closely, however, you’ll find that these criticisms are inflammatory statements made by the product’s opponents to further their own ends.  
This website has been created to educate people regarding the FACTS about payday loans.  Do the research yourself...and decide for yourself.
Take the time to read through our website.  We guarantee that you’ll come away with a greater understanding of payday loans, and how their responsible usage helps millions of Americans in their time of need.
“For the sake of poor and low-income borrowers everywhere, we can only hope that federal and state governments can be prevented from further disrupting consumer lending markets”
                        - Dr. Thomas Lehman, “In Defense of Payday Lending”
The Truth About Payday Loans