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Privacy Policy

Our customer information privacy policy, detailed in this statement, serves as the standard for all Ichabod’s Cranium, Inc. employees in the collection, use, sharing, retention, and security of individual customer information. 

 Expectation of Privacy

Safekeeping of customer information is a high priority at Ichabod's Cranium, Inc.. We will continue to maintain the high standards necessary to ensure that your information is kept private and secure at all times.

If you close your account(s) or become an inactive customer, we will continue to adhere to this privacy policy.

Ichabod’s Cranium, Inc. Information Management Practices

Information about customers is accumulated from a variety of sources. You provide some information. We record other information, such as your account history, and still other information is obtained from outside sources, such as affiliates and credit reporting agencies.

We limit the collection and use of information about customers to the data necessary to administer our business, and provide superior service. We use some information to help identify and mitigate potential risks or loss to our operations.

Information Security Protection

Ichabod’s Cranium, Inc. safeguards information about you according to established security procedures designed to prevent unauthorized access. We restrict access to non-public personal information about you to those of our employees, agents, and servicers who need to know that information to provide credit services and money transfer services to you.

Types of Personal Information Collected

In conducting business at Ichabod's Cranium, Inc., we collect and maintain various types of information about our customers, including:

A)   Identification information (account numbers, dates of birth, addresses, and contact information); B) Account activity information

B)   Ichabod’s Cranium, Inc. uses this personal information only for business purposes consistent with ethical practices and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We may share all of the information that we collect.

Information Use by Ichabod's Cranium, Inc.

Ichabod's Cranium, Inc. may use your personal information as follows:

A) As a security measure, to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your accounts.

B) To conduct business safely and soundly.

C) In satisfying legal requirements, such as for tax reporting or subpoenas, as required by state and federal government.




















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